‘Hoverboards’ recalled & thousands impounded at British ports

‘Hoverboards’ recalled & thousands impounded at British ports

I have heard a few stories about the ‘hover boards’ or ‘balance scooters’ which are all the rage at the moment having faulty features and plug sockets. But now ITV News has just reported that lots of retailers are recalling the product from their shelves. Not only that but thousands are being impounded at British ports because they are at risk of exploding.

If your children have asked for one of these for Christmas then please be aware that 88% of 17,000 hoverboards imported from beyond the EU have failed basic safety checks.

Trading Standards have asked that parents don’t let the popular craze ‘cloud their judgment of safety’ as most of the boards have problems with the plug, cabling, charger, battery or the cutoff switch within the board, which often fails.

At the weekend, Halfords recalled its own-brand model, the £499 Air Runner Balance Board, after it was found that some had been sold with a mains plug and charger that did not comply with British standards.

Wholesaler Costco also issued a safety notice in November over Air Runner hoverboards sold in their UK stores.

If buying online, look closely at the website to check it is genuine before you hit the ‘buy’ button.

CLICK HERE to read further information over on ITV News.

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