How much is too much for prom?

How much is too much for prom?

Most people reading this when they hear the word ‘Prom’ think of the cheesy American films they watched when they were little or might (depending on their age) think of the one they had when graduating secondary school or college.

You might not be thinking of 11-year-olds…..but nowadays it seems even they are getting all dressed up and heading off to the ball. Gone are the days of schools holding cheesy discos with a tuck shop selling crisps, sweets and Panda pop.

What’s more staggering is the cost that some parents are shelling out on these mini Cinderella’s dresses, shoes and all the other bits and pieces that seem to be a must have for their little princesses. One parent I was speaking to recently said that she had just spent £200 on a prom dress for her 11 year old to go to her leavers prom, another £20 on shoes plus the cost of having her hair and nails done as well as the spray tan and make up, it was going to cost her well over £300 pounds for her to attend.

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I must admit my jaw dropped to the floor at the thought of spending that much on a dress for an eleven year old (I know people who have spent less on their wedding dresses) plus she will undoubtedly grow out of it before too long, meaning it will probably be worn once before it no longer fits.

Shops at this time of year seem to be festooned with the glittery dresses, feathered fascinators and strappy shoes that will soon grace proms across the country, and don’t think the lads are immune from the pomp and circumstance, suit rentals seem to be advertised everywhere as well as many shops offering deals of a free shirt when you buy the suit or other such things.

While some parents are sensibly turning to eBay or charity shops to outfit their kids in dresses and suits that have probably only been worn once for a few hours, many are paying out figures in the hundreds of pounds bracket to suit and boot their little ones.

But don’t despair, there are ways that your daughter can go to the ball without breaking the bank (Fairy Godmother not included). There are a number of sites that sell beautiful dresses at much more reasonable prices for both for teenagers and pre- teens alike if you’re willing to spend a little time having a search for them online. One of the best tips is to set a budget and then let them look with you or on their own. Another good mum trick I’m shelving for later is to actually have an extra £10 on top of what you tell them they can spend so that when they find that perfect one that’s just a tad over their limit you can say yes and look like a super mum.

As for the make overs beforehand you can check Groupon or Living social for pampering and hair deals in your area and failing that good old fashioned D.I.Y the nails and make up yourself, maybe even inviting a group of them round to all get ready together.

As the special day gets closer remember it’s one of the few memories from school they will all look back on fondly, just make sure you’re not still paying for it when they graduate university.

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