How to become an eBay millionaire!

How to become an eBay millionaire!

The first ever eBay rich list has been revealed with the 30 most successful independent British sellers. The top online traders are making up to £17 million per year selling on the site. These guys have literally become millionaires just from sitting in their rooms!

The ‘Power 30 UK Index’ reveals that the 30 biggest sellers have an average annual turnover of nearly £4 million.

If you are thinking of setting up your own eBay store then you might want to take some inspiration from this list!

One in four sellers on the power list deal in electrical goods. Four of the best sellers are fishing shops and another four places go to motoring related sellers.

Below is the top ten sellers on the site.


There’s no doubt that the worlds largest auctioning site has created a whole new level of entrepreneurs but I don’t think many people realised to what extent until the list was unveiled! And the best bit is, absolutley anybody can start their own selling account on the site and follow suit.

Top of the list is Chinedu ‘Ken’ Emechebe, 37, who started selling mobile phone accessories under the name ‘universalgadgets01’ from his two-bed London flat in 2008 – and now has monthly sales of nearly £1.5m. The business became so successful that he was forced to relocate three more times and now works out of a 1,200sq ft warehouse where he employs around 45 people.

The father of two told the Daily Mail: ‘I think the great thing about eBay is just from day one the ease of selling on eBay makes it great for small businesses. On eBay everything is set up for you. Yes you pay your fees, but you would have to pay for advertising costs if you went on Google. eBay sets you up, it has millions of people who come on to the website every day, and all these people who are on there are looking for products and deals.’ 

This just proves that with the right research and commitment, anybody can start small on eBay and work their way up the ranks!

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