How to claim back children’s flight tax!

How to claim back children’s flight tax!

You may of heard that tax on under 12’s flights were abolished on May 1st 2016. This is good news for those of you thinking of going away this year, however I know lots of you will of already booked your flights for after that date.

Not to worry though, if you have already booked your flights for after May 1st you can claim for a rebate and I’d definitely recommend doing so so that you won’t be left out of pocket!

Receiving your rebate is extremely straight forward, if you have booked your flights through British Airways, Thomson, First Choice, Virgin Atlantic or American Airlines then these airlines are offering passengers automatic refunds.


If you have booked through a different airline then they may be expecting you to ring up and request for the rebate personally. Don’t let this put you off. You can do it easily online or by ringing up customer services. Your money will then be refunded back to your original card used to make the booking within 28 days!

From March 2016 children under 16 will also be exempt from the tax which would mean a family of four would save £26 on flights to Europe and £142 on a flight to the US so well worth looking into if you haven’t already enquired about what you could be owed.

Please pass this on to friends and family who may not have heard about this change.

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  1. I have paid £67.50 for a 2 year old child with Balkan holidays, when I rang about a refund for this they have told me that I have not been charged any tax £65 is for fuel and £2.50 is atol protection. could you please tell me if this is correct

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