How to claim the difference if flight prices drop!

How to claim the difference if flight prices drop!

Have you ever kicked yourself after purchasing a flight only to find out that the price has decreased before you’re due to fly. This can be extremely annoying but did you know that you can actually get refunded the difference?

Many companies offer a price promise guarantee meaning that if the price of your flight drops and you miss out on catching it at its best price, you could well be refunded the difference especially if you are flying with EasyJet.

The budget airlines rule of thumb is that the earlier you book, the cheaper your fare generally is.However, thanks to easyJet’s price promise, if you book a flight through its website and later find the fare has fallen before takeoff, you can claim a credit voucher towards your next flight. 

The airline understandably don’t shout about this little price promise policy that they have, however it is definitely something to bare in mind and it has been around for almost five years.

If you find that the fare has indeed dropped, then you will only be able to claim your credit voucher over the phone so don’t waste time writing emails and letters, ring them instead on 08431045000


British Airways and Virgin also have a similar deal. If you find that same one way or return flight operated by British Airways cheaper online after you have made a booking via their website you will be refunded the difference.

Virgin also promises to refund the difference if you find a cheaper ticket on another site however this promise only applies to return flights to and from the UK rather than both single and returns.

Ryanair doesn’t have a price promise put in place as of yet!

So next time you see that you’ve missed out on cheaper flights, don’t get mad, get a refund!

CLICK HERE to find out how you can claim your children’s flight tax rebate.


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