How To Find 4p Toys At Tesco

Ever wanted to know how to find 4p toys at Tesco?

This was so popular last year, see if you can find any this year…

When toys are no longer being manufactured, or there are only a few left in stock, you may see supermarkets reduce them pretty cheap.

Tesco is usually a very good supermarket for toy bargains and last year we seen a LOT of toy bargains come from there. 

When a toy was no longer being manufactured, it was being reduced to only 4p – yes four pence – to clear the remaining stock. I have heard from an insider that there may be a few more toy discounts happening soon so it is well worth checking everytime you go to Tesco.

My tips for finding these toys are;

  • Always use a handheld scanner and scan any toys that are in the clearance section. A lot of the time they are cheaper than the shelf label says.
  • Wander into every aisle incase they have special ‘clearance’ stands set up which is away from the toy aisle.
  • These bargains toys are always found in-store.
  • If you find any of these bargains, take a photo of what you bought plus your receipt and let me know so I can share the bargain with everyone else so they can try their luck.

Here are some of the 4p bargains we got last year…




4 The Ariel doll bargain seemed to last for ages! Every time a store sold out, they’d get more in and a lot of us managed to bag this bargain.

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