How To Find The Cheapest Products Online

Ever wondered how to find the cheapest products online?

I have a fantastic new tool which will find you the BEST price…

I have a new section on my website called ‘Store Scanner‘ – I am so excited about this because it means no one will ever have to pay over the top for a product that is out there cheaper elsewhere.
Store Scanner This is the Store Scanner home page

We have over 2000 stores where we can compare prices and we are adding to them all the time.

In the search bar, simply type in what you want to find a price for.

For an example, I have searched for Pie Face. As you can see, the cheapest place to buy Pie Face is at Ebay and includes free delivery.

Store Scanner

Down the right hand side of the screen you can see the product image, the RRP of the item and also the price history. This is good to know if the item has ever been cheaper or more expensive in the past – a good indication that the price may go down again in future.

Store Scanner

You can scroll down on the home page of Store Scanner to see ‘Whats Hot’ which is big bargains others are interested in.

Score Scanner

I hope this helps you find some great bargains and we never have to pay full price again.

I am trying to spread the word about my Store Scanner to help as many people as possible save as much money as possible. I would really appreciate it if you would spread the word about this 🙂

Head to Store Scanner here…

Ashleigh x

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