How To Get A Christmas Tree for 1p

Want to know how to get a Christmas tree for 1p?

No, seriously! This happens every year…

This offer isn’t for people who love to be well prepared in advance for Christmas. 

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to get the decorations out on 1st December and start getting into the Christmas spirit. I am nearly finished the Christmas shopping, already started on the food shopping and I am looking forward to putting my feet up on Christmas eve knowing I have nothing to do because I have been preparing all year.

However, not everyone is as keen to get Christmas shopping over and done with and may prefer to leave everything until last minute, including the tree!

If you head to B&Q on Christmas eve, all of their real Christmas trees are reduced to only 1p to clear them.

This is surprisingly a very popular offer every year!

B&Q often do good Christmas clearance sales after Christmas too. A few days after Christmas last year I headed to B&Q to see what their sale prices were like and I managed to pick up a 7ft artificial Christmas tree with enough decorations to fill my sitting room – It cost me less than £20!


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