How To Get Broadband In Your New Home

My guide on how to get broadband in your new home should have you up and running in no time

What is the best deal out there to suit your broadband needs?

I have tried a few different internet providers and the only one that has impressed me in Sky so I would highly recommend them.

How do I get the best deal? 

Before you make any decisions though, it is best to check Simplify Digital’s comparison site for the best broadband deal. They’ll also let you know of any offers that each provider has on right now such as free gift vouchers, free installation, free iPads etc. Don’t go with a company simply for the free gift, sometimes the price of the ‘free’ gift is reflected in your monthly bill.

Are there any extra fees?

You may have to pay an installation fee, however, if you call the provider and haggle you can often get yourself free installation and half price deals. You will also NEED to pay for line rental which is a fee you pay for having a landline telephone – even if you have/need one you still need to pay this. Virgin media don’t always require you to pay line rental so they are worth checking out but they aren’t available in all areas.

Do I still need broadband if I only use a mobile phone?

It purely depends on your mobile phone package. If you get unlimited or high usage data on your phone contract and you won’t be using a laptop/PC then it isn’t worth paying extra for broadband. However, if you have a laptop/PC then you will want to invest in home broadband.

I currently have a broadband deal which I am not happy about, what can I do?

Most companies are very happy to help when you have problems with their service, after all, they would hate to lose a customer – you are money to them. If they don’t help then you can put in a written complaint which they have to act upon. If this still doesn’t resolve your issue, talk with your feet and go to another supplier who may be better than your last.

From experience I know if you are having poor service with your telephone line/broadband which isn’t getting resolved – Sky will help towards you leaving your contract. I was still in contract with a certain supplier for my broadband but the service was shocking, I would have to pay £105 to leave my contract early so I contacted Sky and explained the situation and they told me they offer a scheme where they help towards cancelation fees. They can give you up to £100 to cancel current contracts and it left me with just £5 to pay – result!

To take advantage of this scheme, call sky and let them know you want to take advantage of this and they’ll give you all the details you need.


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