How to get flight delay compensation!

How to get flight delay compensation!

If any of your flights have ever been cancelled or delayed, you could well be owed compensation or a refund!

Not many people are even aware that they could be entitled to it but you are protected by the Denied Boarding Regulation if you’re flying with an EU based airline, or a non- EU airline flying from an EU airport.

If you’re travelling with a non- EU based airline flying from a non-EU destination, the airline doesn’t have the same duty to look after you.

The denied boarding regulation applies if:

– You have a confirmed booking.

– You checked in on time, or if no check-in time was given, then at least 45 minutes before your flight was scheduled to depart.

– You’re departing from the EU airport, or fro, a non-EU airport and flying into an EU airport on a ‘community carrier’ (an airline with its headquarters and main place of business within the EU.)


It doesn’t apply if:

– The flight was delayed due to extraordinary circumstances such as severe weather conditions or circumstances beyond the control of the airline.

– Delays must be 3 hours or more to claim.

It is quick and simple to begin the claim procedure. Different airlines have different policies on how to complain and claim. You will find them on their websites and they will usually have an address or email address for you to write to explaining your situation and what went wrong.

They will be back in touch with further details if you are due compensation within a week usually!

Let me know if you manage to successfully claim any compensation.

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