How to hunt out unadvertised deals!

How to hunt out unadvertised deals!

It’s great having so many stores online now, you can shop from the comfort of your own home and not have to brave the cold, the queues and the disappointment of getting all the way there to get a bargain only to find it has sold out. But what about those deals that aren’t advertised online?

Recently on a trip to Tesco I had a quick look at some of the toys, and was delighted to find there were some very nice gifts reduced to clear. These had not been advertised online as I had had a quick look earlier when planning my trip, so why were they nowhere to be found online and yet there were so many of them here, and to my joy not only in the toy section but also amongst the electricals where I managed to find my lovely hubby’s Christmas present reduced from £90 to £25 with a reduced to clear sticker. This combined with the double up meant I got 5 Christmas presents for free and still had points left to double up for the black Friday deals.

The problem is that just because my store has these on offer doesn’t mean yours will. These deals are unfortunately store specific and are focused more on getting rid of older stock to make way for Christmas or bigger sale items, and while that’s great for me It’s not so good when you live 50 miles away.

This time of year it really is worth going and having a look in store for some of the unadvertised offers, and it’s not just supermarkets, anywhere that will stock a Christmas range has the potential to be a sale hotspot as they all try and make room to squeeze in the highly anticipated and lucrative Christmas items. My local boots, being a smaller store put items that retailed up to £18 on sale for £1 in order to clear room for all the gift sets and specials, W H smiths also have some great clearance prices on certain books in store depending on what that store had too much stock off to make room for the plethora of celebrity cook books and biography’s that seem to be a Christmas must have. I personally don’t need another cook book of Jamie Oliver telling me how to cook a chicken but am happy to take the next thrilling instalment of my murder mystery series for better than half price.

Though some stores might be getting rid of the same stock such as seasonally specific items, Halloween stuff for example is being reduced more and more each week as they desperately try and shift the last few bits to clear shelf space and the warehouse, others are just hit and miss. So it might be worth a quick look round, maybe this week you could pop in store with an extra half an hour to spare and take a quick look for three of my favourite words “reduced to clear.”

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