How To Keep Your Home Warm Without Central Heating

How To Keep Your Home Warm Without Central Heating

The summer season may be creeping slowly but surely upon us, but we can never really predict the Great British weather, and although we are now in Spring, I’m still finding myself shivering at home on the odd cloudy day!

Now I know how expensive it can be putting the central heating on, and many people refuse to do so once the Winter has passed, so I’ve decided to give you all a few helpful tips on how you can cut costs by keeping warm without switching that heating on!



Here are my top tips:

Recycle Your Heat & Spread The Warmth

Something I’ve always done to warm the house up, is recycle the heat I’ve already paid for! For example after I’ve turned the oven off on an evening I leave the oven door open until it cools down. It soon heats my home up and you can get a good 20 minutes of heat out of it after it’s turned off! So it’s basically like recycling the heat you’ve already paid for.


Watch Out For Mini Draughts

There are lots of sneaky ways that cold air can creep into your house, for example through your letter box or if you have a cat flap, that could be a big culprit for letting the cold in! I’d suggest getting an extra barrier for your letterbox like the brush that acts as extra insulation. As for cat flaps, they can be filled with sheeps wool or a piece of blanket.

Cover The Windows

If your windows feel cold, then they will be making your full house cold. For the long-term, the cost effective solution would be to insulate your doors and windows for extreme weather conditions. But since the worst has passed (fingers crossed!)  you can get away with simply covering them up with thick blankets on a night but make sure your windows are shut all the way first.

Cover Bare Floors

If you have laminate flooring, then your house is more prone to being cold. Cold floors mean cold feet, so consider covering your bare floorboards with rugs to warm yourselves up!


Block Out Droughts

If you have a room in your house that is particularly draughty, put rolled up towels on the floor along the bottom of the door to keep the cold out. If you’ve got a very draughty front or back door, consider hanging a curtain in front of it too it’ll make a big difference.

Put Tin Foil Behind Your Radiators

This isn’t a joke! Put a fresh sheet of foil behind your radiator and you will get double the heat! The foil will reflect heat back into the room providing you with extra warmth and keeping the family toastier.

Set The Timer

If you DO decide to put your heater on, then make sure you set a timer. Especially as the weather breaks because you’ll only need it on for a small amount of time. This will control how expensive your energy bills are. If it is quite nippy then you should set the heating to come on earlier, rather than turning up the thermostat to warm up the house rapidly.

Turn On Incandescent Lights

The average incandescent light bulb releases up to 95% of it’s energy as heat rather than light, making it an extremely efficient heat source!


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