How to make a big saving on your Christmas Dinner!

How to make a big saving on your Christmas Dinner!

There’s often a lot of pressure to get the quality, taste and portion size of the Christmas dinner just right. Just because you are on a tight budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise any of those things. Even if you just take one of these top tips on board, you are guarenteed to at least save yourself a little bit of cash. And every little helps in the festive period. These tips can also apply to regular Sunday dinners too so you’ll never have to pass on a roast again!

– One of my favourite tricks is to go shopping late when stocking up on your Christmas dinner staples! If you visit the supermarket after 8pm you’ll probably find plenty of items which have been marked down. So stocking up on your Sunday staples on Saturday night could be the way forward for securing bargains!

– Apparently Turkeys are around £1 cheaper this year than they were last year meaning we can easily pick one up for under £10. Consider going for a bigger bird than what you’ll need. It may not sound like a money saving tip, however you could use it for several other meals throughout the week, saving you money in the long run. Turkey soup, turkey sarnies and turkey broths all round.

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– Most of the leading supermarket retailers now offer price match promises to their customers if the same items could have been bought for less with a rival. Keep receipts and make sure you’re not paying more for your food and especially your meat as it can be pricey. If you find that you are then you know what to do!

– Buy frozen vegetables instead of fresh if you normally find yourself throwing mouldy veg out within a few days. Cook the frozen stuff and I promise your roast will be just as tasty. Each month families throw away around £60 worth of food that was bought and not eaten which is basically the same as throwing your money away!

– Online food shopping can be a winner. Many retailers offer enticing deals for newbies, for example £15 off when spending £60. The key is to spend bang on the qualifying amount. Then try a different retailer the week after and play the discount game.

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