How to make money from unwanted Christmas gifts!
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How to make money from unwanted Christmas gifts!

Do you always end up with a pile of unwanted Christmas gifts come January? Well instead of just letting them go to waste why not make some money out of them? Here’s some ways how:

Sell them on eBay

Perhaps the most obvious one, is to sign up to eBay and sell your unwanted gifts on there. No matter how strange, someone somewhere in the world will probably want to buy it off there. eBay do charge a small fee but it is so easy to sign up and get selling.

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Recycle old electronics

How many of you have gotten a shiny new iPad or iPhone this year for Christmas? Well don’t let your old ones sit around gathering dust for years to come, recycle it. If it is in full working order then there’s even bigger money to be made.

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Sell unwanted books on Amazon

Amazon is free to advertise and a great place for selling any unwanted books you may have, especially if they are in good condition, quite specialist or a best seller. Amazon do charge a closing fee meaning they will take around 17% of the money. Include postage and packaging in the price as you’ll have to pay that.

Car boot sale

If you and your family collectively have lots of things that could be sold, then why not go for a car boot sale? Remember one mans trash is another mans treasure after all. It also makes for a fun day out and the cash is instant!

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