How To Opt Out Of Junk Mail

How To Opt Out Of Junk Mail

We all know just how annoying junk mail can be. Receiving mail we do not want, need or care about. The Royal Mail’s door to door service now allows you the option to receive no junk mail.

The opt out service only applies to unaddressed mail. This means that mail which is formally addressed will still be delivered, as the Royal Mail are obligated to do so. Opting out does not include government messages that will be delivered to every UK address in ‘exceptional circumstances’. Election mail is not effected either.

By opting out, all unaddressed junk mail, being delivered by Royal Mail, will not be delivered to anyone living in house. Due to this, the mail service asks that you confirm with everyone living in the house that they all want to opt out.

To opt out of junk mail the Royal Mail asks you to send them your name and home address, to Freepost ROYAL MAIL CUSTOMER SERVICES. You can Email your name and home address to [email protected] to opt out as well. This is done for security reasons. Once your request has been verified you will receive the opt out form, which you will need to fill out then send back. Alternately, you can download a copy of the opt out form HERE. Download the Welsh Version Form HERE.

You will stop receiving junk mail within six weeks of the form being returned.

Your request is only valid for two years, from when the opt out form is received. Once the two year period has ended you can extended it for a further two years. To extend the period you will need to contact [email protected] via email, the telephone number 0345 266 0858, or at Freepost ROYAL MAIL CUSTOMER SERVICES postal address and complete another form. You will need to do this every two years if you would not like to receive junk mail.

Opting out does not effect all junk mail as the Royal Mail is not the only service delivering mail. Due to this there may not be a noticeable difference in the amount of junk mail you receive. To stop other junk mail distributors the Royal Mail asks that you visit MPS Mailing Preference Service, as it has information on how to stop other mailing services delivering unwanted mail.

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