How To Save £££ Every Time You Get A Notification

Feeling financially hungover? Not to worry, we’ve put together the perfect guide to tackle any sort of debt to fill up your pockets this year

Want to save up for that car you’ve been eagerly wanting to purchase? Or maybe you’re wanting to travel the world? Either way, here’s how you can save every single time you get a notification to your phone.

You can now set up a system that transfers cash to your savings every time you add a “trigger” on an app and an “action” on another. The idea of this app is to set rules in order to prevent you from overspending.

The app itself is called IFTTT and approximately 5 million people have installed it on Android, this literally shows how popular the idea of savings is becoming. It’s time to get onboard!

Okay firstly, you probably think this sounds a little complex but it’s actually quite straightforward. Here’s how it works;

There’s different “applets” you can add to the app – if someone pops up to you and it shows up on your notification, if you set up a text message to remind you to take an umbrella out with you when it rains, or a when you’ve reached your step count for the day, money will be transferred to your savings account.

Disclaimer, though, the only UK banks that currently work alongside IFTTT are Monzo and river digital bank, Dozens.

IFTTT gives you the ability to select pre-built “applets” and when you’ve achieved the “trigger”, the money that is transferred separates from your available balance in your account so you don’t feel tempted to use it.

You can choose and customise your IFTTT and this totally makes finance fun! This flexibility is perfect for those that struggle to save and splurge a little too much at Christmas.

You can also use IFTTT to take part in 1p Savings Challenges or the £1 Weekly Savings Challenge so you can sit back and watch the money grow!

We love this idea of saving as it’s so addictive, safe and enjoyable at the same time. Let us know whether you’re trying to save money and the best ways you think are helpful!

Image: IFTTT
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