How To Save Money On Maternity Wear

Trying to find an outfit to fit when you’re pregnant is difficult, the price of maternity wear is pretty steep too

However, I have got my top tips to let you know how to save money on maternity wear

I actually find the price of good quality maternity wear pretty steep, especially when you are only going to be in it for 5/6 month by the time you have got your bump.

An average spend of £134.25 is spent on maternity wear, however I think you could spend much less by following these savvy money saving tips…

  • Stores that specialise in Maternity wear and over priced, try and stick to high street stores
  • Remember, you are more than likely going to need maternity wear for after the birth too as we don’t all have Beyonce’s personal trainer
  • Check your wardrobe before you buy anything. Do you have any floaty tops or anything that is currently too big that may come in handy?
  • Ask around to see if your friends have any maternity wear your could borrow/buy from them
    • My first tip, coming from experience, is to buy a non wired bra – If you have kids then you will know why, first time mothers-to-be will thank us for this tip!
    • Always buy a pair of leggings. They are simple, go with pretty much anything and have lots of stretch in them
    • Because of the short time you are wearing maternity clothes, you can pick up some great ‘nearly new’ bargains on the likes of Gumtree and Ebay
    • Asda do a lovely maternity range in some of their stores and also online
    • New Look’s maternity range is gorgeous, a fair price and always fashionable
    • Remember to check out my voucher codes page, we often have voucher codes for retailers that will give you an extra saving at the checkout
    • I bought some lovely pieces in Mothercare during both my pregnancies. I bought t-shirts for only a few pound in the sale, it’s worth checking to see if they have a sale on
    • H&M also do maternity wear, plus, sign up to their newsletter for 25% off your order
    • Asos do maternity wear at great prices
    • Matalan do a small range of maternity wear but it costs to send ay items back that you need to send back so I recommend shopping instore
    • Rather than paying for a long maternity top, it may be cheaper to buy a top from the ‘tall’ range at your favourite retailer

It is handy to know when buying maternity wear…

Over the bump – This means the item of clothing sits comfortably over the bump

Under the bump – This means an item of clothing that sits under your bump

Under the bump with side panels – This means an item of clothing that sits under your bump but it has adjustable panels at the side to make the item bigger smaller


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