How To Save Money On Valentines Day

Ever wondered how to save money on valentines day?

It’s not being cheap, it’s being clever 😉

£18.9 Billion pound was spent on Valentines day last year – I’ve just informed my husband of this figure and his reply ‘romance shouldn’t be limited to one day a year’ I must remind him of this 😉

There are plenty of ways you can have a great Valentines day on a budget, simply follow my top tips and you should be well on your way 🙂

  • First off, let’s start with Rainbow roses. I first discovered these when my husband bought me some for Valentines day. He got them a few year ago from Tesco but I haven’t seen them sold in there since. However, your local florist should be able to sort you out with some Rainbow roses but I would ask in advance because they’re VERY popular and sell out super fast! Keep an eye on the supermarkets in the lead up to Valentines day as they may stock them this year because the demand for them last year was HUGE.
  • If you want to head out for a meal, why not use vouchers? Lots of different restaurants offer discounts on their website and Facebook pages. Make sure you read the small print to ensure they’ll be valid on the day you want to us them.
  • There are still some sales on now so if you are wanting to buy a gift, especially jewellery, buy now. Jewellery prices tend to go up closer to Valentines day so it pays to be prepared.
  • Rather than paying for a meal, jewellery and a number of other small gifts that you tend to buy on Valentines day, why not book a night/weekend away? You can often purchase deals that include dinner, bed and breakfast at top locations through websites such as Groupon, Wowcher, Secret Escapes, Last Minute etc. It will probably work out cheaper than buying a number of gifts.

  • We love receiving chocolates for Valentines day – and every other day for that matter – Thorntons always have fantastic deals on and also check out supermarkets who often have half price deals on. Remember to shop early though as the chocolates will more than likely be full price in the run up to the big day.
  • Fragrance stores still have a sale on so now is the time to pick up your partners favourite fragrance.
  • Why not cut back completely and make some vouchers for your other half that they can redeem whenever they like… Little things such as a foot rub, a massage, whatever you like! 
  • Flowers can often be expensive in the run up to Valentines day, however, if you book now for the flowers to be delivered on the day, you can take advantage of the lower prices which the florist have on now. 
  • Have a date night at home rather than in a restaurant. Whether you want to make the meal from scratch yourself or supermarkets do some great ‘special’ ranges or banquet meals in a box.
  • Why not print out 50 free photos and make a scrap book of your favourite memories together?
  • Why not set yourselves a budget and turn it into a game – who can get the most for their money.

tesco Rainbow Roses in Tesco.

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