How To Save Money On Your Council Tax!

How To Save Money On Your Council Tax!

It is one of the most hated taxes to pay for the British people, but there are ways of reducing you council tax so you don’t have to pay anything.

This news couldn’t come at a better time, with an increase of up to 4.99% for the whole country’s council tax from April.

There are many ways to reduce your bill, dropping the costs dramatically or even reducing them to nothing.

The first way, on the path to reducing your council tax, is to know what council tax band you are on. The band determines how much you pay, and the band is determined on how much your home is worth. However, the value isn’t from a few years ago, it is from 1991. This means that the value of your home could have decreased since that time, and if so, you can challenge the council to reduce your tax as your home would be in the wrong band.

The next way is to know if you are required to pay council tax. Under the right circumstances, you may not need to pay the council tax. If your home matches one of the following criteria, you will not need to pay council tax:

  • Property is owned by a charity
  • Property is empty, due to a death
  • Property is empty, due to resident is being cared for elsewhere
  • All residents are under 18
  • All residents are students full-time
  • All residents have severe mental health issues
  • Diplomats live there
  • The property is a self-contained secondary suite where dependent relative lives.

Another way to find out if you can get a cheaper council tax bill is to see if you are eligible for a discount.

There are many reasons a person may be eligible for a discount, including living alone, on low income or benefits and in financial difficulty. You may also get a discount if you are living with a person or persons who are not counted for council tax. These people include full-time students, people with mental health issues or people who require carers.

Local councils can grant a discount of up to 100% for empty and unfurnished properties or uninhabitable properties.

If you cannot get any discount on your council tax bill and require help to pay it, you should contact your local council for advice.

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