How upgrading to a smartphone can earn you money

How upgrading to a smartphone can earn you money

With mobile phones seeming to become more complex by the day, telecommunications companies are falling over themselves to offer consumers more powerful or advanced models, often free but usually in return for signing an extended contract. While this suits many of us as it’s the only way we can possibly afford the latest device, some consumers reject the chance of an upgrade, preferring to hang on to their simpler, less costly models.

However, if you have no plans to switch provider and are prepared to enter into a contract for 12, 18 or 24 months, you can actually make a tidy sum by accepting the new phone – and selling it, often for close to its recommended retail price. As the contract only relates to the SIM card and not the phone itself, selling the phone without a SIM won’t cause any problems and your buyer will be able to insert their own SIM into the phone and use it on their own contract.
If your upgraded phone is locked to a particular mobile network, you will need to include this detail in the description of the product, as potential buyers will need to know if the phone will be compatible with their existing contracts.

mobilesSelling your upgrade online, such as on auction site eBay, is straightforward but it’s important that you take sensible precautions, especially as you are potentially receiving hundreds of pounds from your buyer:

• Firstly, describe the phone exactly, including the number of gigabytes, model number and colour. State if it is locked to a particular network.
• Use your account settings to block buyers from overseas countries or those with adverse ratings.
• Leave the phone in its box, sealed. Photograph the seal to prove that it is unopened.
• Only accept payment via PayPal and insist that the winning bidder is verified, so you can be sure who you’re selling to.
• Don’t skimp on the shipping fees! Use a reputable courier who offers insurance up to the full retail price of the phone and book a tracked service. Some couriers will not carry electronic equipment and may exclude this from insurance, so check first.
• Ask for positive feedback to be left, as this will support your case in the event that the buyer later claims the phone to be damaged or faulty.

Not only will you retain your existing phone which, for many people, offers all the functions they need, but you’ll have the security of a renegotiated contract and a tidy sum in your bank account. All you need to do now is to decide how to spend your money!
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