How you can make money from watching TV.

How you can make money from watching TV.

Are you a TV addict? Can’t think of anything better than a night in in front of the TV? Then why not make some money out of your passion? Yes this is actually possible believe it or not.

There a few different ways you can make money, and they are all extremely straight forward.

Review your new television programmes.

The most obvious way to make money from television is to get paid for your opinions. There’s a few different ways you can do this. The first being through online surveys. You can get paid anything from 50p to £5 per survey. There are also other incentives such as coupons and freebies for filling them in. Sites like RewardsTV and GFK MediaPanel will pay you for giving your opinion of TV programmes. All you’ll have to do is explain a little bit about what you like and dislike about the shows.

Attend a focus group.

You can make around £50 just for attending a focus group for an hour or two. Focus groups are held by the production company and will discuss their latest Television programmes so they can collect as much feedback as possible. For more information on focus groups visit

Become an extra.

ANYBODY can become an extra, and I’ve heard It’s a fun and exciting process. The best part is, you can get paid between £65 and £250 just for being in the background! Usually how it works is you’ll sign up to a specialist agency and they will inform you of any up and coming extra opportunities. You can find a full list of UK agencies on

Do you have any funny home videos? 

We all have the odd funny moment caught on camera, why not try and make money from your clips? Every funny clip aired on You’ve Been Framed earns £250. Now that’s easy money. There’s no limit on how many you can send in at a time, and they do return your tapes and DVD’s to you eventually. It’s so easy to upload videos from your phone too! You can upload them within seconds here.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can make money renting your home out as a film set.



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