Huge toy sale coming soon at Asda

Huge toy sale coming soon at Asda

If you thought the Sainsburys toy sale was good then wait until you hear about this one!

One of my Asda insiders has been in touch to tell me about one of the sales they have coming up very soon.

There will be a HUGE toy sale in all Asda stores nationwide on Thursday 3rd November – 7th December.

It will also be online so click here to get some inspiration or to buy…

There will be massive price drops which will apparently ‘blow Sainsburys toy sale out of the water’ – I can’t wait to see this because Sainsburys reduced at least 25% off all of their toys with some toys being half price.

Some of the toys you can expect to see in the offer…

  • Hot Wheels ultimate garage and car wash
  • Playdoh 60 pack
  • Barbie closet and convertible
  • Paw Patrol rescue team 6 pack
  • Troll collectable figures 8 pack Teletubbies laugh and giggle
  • Marvel tin hero 3 pack
  • Little Tykes kitchen
  • Lego creative cube
  • Barbie large doll
  • Remote control batmobile
  • Silver Cross pram

Click here to head to Asda and get some inspiration…

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