Hurry – You’ve Only Got Until THIS Friday To Use Your Old £5 Notes!

Got a few old £5 notes lying around in your purse, car or kids’ money bank? Best get your skates on and get them used or taken to the bank/post office, as the notes cease to be legal tender THIS Friday (05/05/2017)!

The Bank of England has estimated that there’s still around 165 million notes in circulation across the country. As of the Friday 5th May, the notes will be worthless on the High Street.

How Can I Change My Old £5 Notes?

If you’ve got any old fivers lying around you can take them to the bank or post office to swap them for the new polymer £5 notes. If your bank, building society or post office won’t exchange your notes for some reason, the Bank of England in London are willing to change them either in person or via post.

The Bank of England are also planning to introduce a new polymer £10 note featuring Jane Austen, to be followed with a new £20 note in the future.

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