Hygiene inspectors have shamed nation’s filthiest food stores!

Hygiene inspectors have shamed nation’s filthiest food stores!

The nation’s filthiest and most un- hygienic food stores have been revealed to the public and you may be shocked.

The list includes a Tesco store in Camden which was found to be infested with mice! Food also had to be removed from a Poundland in Birmingham for the same reason.

There has been a total of 14 food stores named and shamed for having a ‘zero’ hygiene rating during routine checks with the purpose of protecting customers from food poisoning.

The businesses also includes a Co- op and a Spar store amongst the 11,440 to be inspected and receive a ‘zero’ star rating.

After inspection, each store is given a rating between zero and five. Anything from two or below is classed as not meeting the standards.

Here are the top 14 lowest scoring food stores published on the Daily Mail:

Yours Supermarket, Leicester

Spar, Millstone Lane, Leicester

Co-op, Evington Road, Leicester

Pound Box, Preston

Iqbal Cash & Carry, Rochdale

Pak Supermarket, Birmingham

Poundland, Corporation Street, Birmingham

Beer Bank, Walsall, West Midlands

Fine Foods, Harlesden, London

Sira Cash & Carry, Southall, London

Tesco Express, Swain’s Lane, Highgate, London

Abbey Wood Afro Caribbean Cash & Car, Willesden, London

Cheam Food Centre, North Cheam, Surrey

Aberavon Supermarket, Port Talbot, South Wales

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