I Am Ashleigh – Helen

Hi, I’m Helen and I’m the busy mum here at Ashleigh!

I have two lovely children, a son aged 13 and daughter aged 10.

I’m always on the go as my daily schedule is always jam packed. As a full-time working mum, I’m always on my feet as I don’t have childcare. Before I get to work, I drop the kids to school and the husband to work as he doesn’t drive. When work is over, I then take my son to football club and so I get home at around 9, which leaves me little time to get housework done and little time to socialise with my friends and family. It can be hectic but that’s my life!

I try to fit shopping in wherever I can and when I do have the time, I am always seeking out inexpensive deals and discounts to get my money’s worth. I love taking a quick trip to supermarkets for general cleaning and laundry products whilst looking for great offers online before going in-store for my groceries in local supermarkets.

My teenage son is an avid fashion fanatic and loves his designer gear so I look for the best prices across the internet and in-store using discount codes and coupons so he can dress to impress. Likewise, I tend to hunt around for deals in gaming stores for my daughter who loves new games for her beloved Nintendo Switch.

Helen’s other interests are:

Horse riding
Socialising with friends

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