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Hi, I’m Leanne, and I’m the homeware expert here at Ashleigh Money Saver.

I’m a busy mum to a teenage son and daughter, and it’s fair to say I’m always pretty non-stop ferrying them about to their sports clubs and friends houses. My house is definitely my sanctuary where I can chill out at the end of a long week.

I’m always on the hunt for everything from cosy furnishings to scented candles for those rare evenings when I finally get to relax. I love finding stylish home decor and buying new cleaning products for when my house becomes a hub for social occasions with friends and family.  

My daughter is almost ready to start studying for her A-levels, so spends a lot of time working. That means I’m on the lookout for bits and bobs to brighten her bedroom up because that’s where she spends most of her time – either hanging out with friends or revising! She’s into the popular Instagram homeware trends which are forever changing – I try to find affordable copies so she can keep her space looking stylish.  

My family are huge footie fans, and my son plays for our local team multiple times a week. When I’m buying his kit, I always look for quality clothing that won’t wear quickly- we all know how scruffy teenage boys can get, right? He’s also quite fashion conscious too, meaning I’’m always on the hunt for branded clothing at an affordable price which won’t break the bank.  

Before buying anything significant I always compare prices online first before I hit the shops to ensure that I get the best deal.

Interests include:

  • Travel
  • Football
  • Socialising with friends  
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