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Hi! I’m Nicola and I’m the expert here at Ashleigh when it comes to shopping for teens.

It’s fair to say that being a mam to teenagers can be pretty pricey, and as a parent to two teen girls who are majorly getting into their beauty and fashion, I’m always on the lookout for great deals on make-up, shoes, and clothing.

They’re obsessed with their designer labels, which can obviously prove to be super expensive, but I refuse to pay full price. I predominantly shop online and am constantly scouring the internet for deals and discounts before buying anything.

One of my daughters is looking forward to her upcoming prom, so I’ll soon be on the hunt for everything from pre-loved dresses, to offers on shoes and bags online, and for vouchers for the make-up counters. I’m aiming to achieve her dream look without breaking the bank.

One of my biggest budgeting hacks when it comes to Christmas is that I start my shopping in January, and buy as I see deals throughout the year. It means that when December comes along, I’m not spending a huge whack all at once. It also means that I’m more likely to be able to afford the more expensive make-up sets and brands that I can’t get a discount on for the girls.

If you’re looking for advice on all things prom and teen shopping, I’m your girl.

Other interests include:

Watching box sets
Going out for family meals
Socialising with friends

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