I Am Ashleigh – Umarah

Hello, my name is Umarah, I’m 23 and love going to the gym daily!

As an avid gym goer, my favourite workout to participate in is weight training and HIIT skipping. To properly fuel my body, I look after my nutrition with a vast array of protein filled products that will be sure to feed my muscles before and after a workout! I like to explore the internet for bargains on specific products and equipment in order to get my money’s worth whilst ensuring I bag the highest quality products.

When the weather outside my window decides to glow up and the lights of the sky beam across the horizon, I enjoy working out in local parks with skipping ropes in order to change up my workouts so as to keep myself motivated to continuously beat my personal records. I love challenging my strength and stamina whilst making use of the best and most efficient equipment available online.

During the weekends, I let my body recover! I love spending time with my mini-me sister who holds a love for books written by David Walliams and Roald Dahl. As the book market is always fluctuating, I am continuously on the lookout for new offers on websites and in online articles, surfing the internet in my pre-purchase phase before making any purchasing decisions so that I can find the best deals for her, which therefore allows me to buy her multiple books in one go.

Umarah’s other interests include:
Poetry / Spoken Word
Modest Fashion

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