Ice Cream Van Waiting Time Limit Introduced

Yes, this is probably the weirdest news you will hear all day…

Ice cream waiting time limit introduced.

Worcester City Council have introduced a 15 minute wait time on ice cream vans, which can extend to 30 minutes if there is a queue forming.

The change has been brought in after complaints from other street traders holding static licences, who expressed concerns that mobile traders have been loitering for too long

Allah Ditta, the chair of Worcester City Council’s Licensing and environmental health committee said;

”The Licensing Committee agreed this change after receiving complaints from other ice cream and food vendors who have invested in a static street trading licence, which allows them to operate from one spot.

They were concerned that some mobile traders were staying in the same spot for long periods of time, despite having not paid for a static licence – an option available to all street traders in the city. We carried out a public consultation before making this change and the majority of street traders who responded were supportive of a specified time period.”

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