Iceland’s Mini Vienna Ice Creams Are BACK!

Iceland have just brought back their popular Mini Vienna ice creams just in time for the UK’s little heat wave and they’re only £1.50!

If you’re a massive fan of Vienetta, you’ll know how seriously moreish it is, and if you’re anything like us, you always end up wanting to eat the entire block. Well, these ‘like’ lollies from Iceland are the perfect size for a summer treat!

The ice creams look just like Vienetta but are much smaller, and instead of being in a log shape that you cut, they come on handy sticks for those odd sunny days we occasionally get.

Though we don’t think they’ll last that long in our house.

They mean that you’ll be able to eat them on the go too rather than having to use a bowl which you have to wash up after.

The ice creams come in two flavours, vanilla and strawberry, the strawberry which is new for this year.

The lollies are a super affordable £1.50 for a box of 5, which means we’ll definitely have one of each flavour.

Plus, you won’t feel as guilty eating more than one of these yummy lollies as you would eating a full box of Vienetta either.

We don’t know if this gorgeous sunshine is going to last, but whether you keep them for warmer days, or just love Vienetta style ice cream, they’re worth picking up.

BRB we’re off to buy a box…or 7.

Images: Iceland
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