Ideas to help us save £600m on our energy!

Ideas to help us save £600m on our energy!

It has been reported in the news today that families in Britain could collectively save over £600 million a year simply by switching gadgets off.

More than three-quarters of people admit to regularly leaving at least two devices on standby and 53% admit to leaving the TV on in a room when they are not watching!

Here are some tiny changes you could make with minimal effort which could save you £80 on your bill!

  • While leaving any electronic device on standby for a prolonged period of time is a waste of energy there are certain appliances around the home that are the worst offenders. Here is an info graphic courtesy of U Switch to show which ones you should target first!

Infographic standby

  • Putting a lid on a saucepan can reduces the amount of energy required to cook your food by 90%, AND it cooks your food quicker.
  • Save energy by only boiling the amount of water you need in the kettle! Not many people realise that 200ml is plenty of water for a single cuppa and It’ll boil so quick!
  • Turn the pressure down on the power shower. A high-pressure power shower is a great luxury to have but you’d be surprised how much water they use – sometimes even more than a bath.
  • Stay warm, cut costs. Turning your thermostat down by 1°C can save you as much as £60 per year!

Read more handy money saving tips over on U Switch.

CLICK HERE to read the news story.


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