If you were offered £200 for 5 minutes work would you take it?

If you were offered £200 for 5 minutes work would you take it?

If the answer is yes then you should be switching your energy provider now! The fact is nobody would turn down money that was offered for such a small amount of effort, yet millions of us do exactly that every month by not shopping around for energy providers. If you haven’t already switched, you need to sign up and do it right now – it will be the easiest money you’ll ever save!

More and more of us are become savvy and careful with our money, and why shouldn’t we? We work hard for it and I don’t see why we should be paying £50 more each month than the couple next door to us pay for their gas and electricity. 

6 MILLION of us shopped around for the best deal in 2015 and switched suppliers. That is up by 15% from 2014 according to figures from Ofgem.

Ofgem believes many consumers could save around £200 by switching suppliers, and thinks those who haven’t switched for a while or have never switched, could save considerably more – something I know only too well after I switched my gas and electricity suppliers last year and managed to save just under £400 a year! 

I received a message last week from Amy, who is a fan of my website, she used my ‘Ashleigh’s Power Switch‘ and then sent me this message: ”With the big energy switch you’ve done I’ve just saved £260! Thankyou!!! With a 3 month old baby and new house that is so helpful! !!” It is great to hear how much money we can save people, especially when it is much needed.

Rachel Fletcher, Ofgem senior partner said: ‘’It’s encouraging to see switching levels at their highest level for four years. With more than 30 suppliers active in the energy market and hundreds of pounds of savings to be made, it’s a great opportunity to shop around. Whether customer service, price or both is what’s most important to you, remember you always have a choice. If your energy company isn’t up to scratch, vote with your feet and walk away.’’

Juliet Davenport, founder and Chief Executive of independent energy supplier Good Energy said: ‘The independent suppliers tend to focus on high quality service and fairer pricing because they have to work harder to win customers from the bigger firms. These new figures show that loyal consumers are ditching those big, old-fashioned utilities which have been taking them for granted for far too long.’’

Last year, Ofgem referred the energy market to the Competition and Markets Authority for a full inquiry after many customers and consumer groups accused the energy providers of overcharging customers.

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In the initial findings of the investigation released last summer, it was revealed that UK energy suppliers are overcharging consumers by around £1.2billion every year. The final results from the investigation are expected later in the spring.

So, how can you start making savings on your gas and electricity prices?

I can offer 2 options for switching, both can save you a lot of money…

First up is my utilities comparison page on my website. You can input your usage or monthly spend on gas and electricity and I will try and find you a better deal. We compare all of the major suppliers as well as all of the smaller ones to come up with the best deal for you.

We also have Ashleigh’s Power Switch. Again, tell us how much you spend a month on your gas and electricity and register your interest in switching providers.

We will then go to all of the providers and ask them to do us their best deal that isn’t available anywhere else. Out of this, they will gain lots of new customers and you will get the best deal – so it’s win – win! Our most successful  save to date is £500!

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