Very important information for every Vodafone customer

Very important information for every Vodafone customer

You need to act NOW as you may  be out of pocket…

Every Vodafone customer is being urged to check their bills and bank statements following thousands of complaints about the telecoms provider. believes there have been “potentially systematic failings” with Vodafone which could affect nearly all of its 20 million customers.

Reported problems have included the following:

  • Customers being put on the wrong tariff
  • Direct debits being incorrectly set up with customers then chased for late payments
  • Customers being double or even triple charged
  • Payments being taken even after a customer has cancelled
  • Credit agencies wrongly being told customers have missed payments. This would then affect your credit score.

Vodafone is officially the most complained about mobile phone network which has more than three times as many complaints as any other network, according to regulator Ofcom.

The Communications Ombudsman, which investigates complaints if phone companies can’t resolve them itself, said it had seen “an increasing number of complaints in the last nine months”.

The majority of complaints were about billing problems, but poor customer service was also high up the list too.

Customers who think they might be affected are advised to contact Vodafone by calling 191 from their Vodafone phone or online through the My Vodafone service.

A spokesman for Vodafone told ITV News: “We are always disappointed when customers needed to raise complaints with us and, more so, when we then do not resolve them effectively first time. Our teams, at all levels, want to provide our customers with a great service every time, but we are clearly not there yet, so are investing significant resources to do so as quickly as we can. This was always going to be a highly ambitious and complex programme, but the impact of running an IT and a contact centre transformation in parallel was underestimated.”

Have you been affected by this? Get in-touch and let me know…

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  1. i have had wrong bills wrong everything with vodaphone debt letters i have e mailed to themas i was told to do i have gave up ringing them they even have the wrong date for my contract im fed up

  2. I have had 2 year of hell with them and its still ongoing I feel so frustrated and spend my life ringing customer services and although they apologise I never get any further I have been with them for 11 years and cant wait to leave them

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