Important Notice To Anyone Flying With Ryanair!

Important Notice To Anyone Flying With Ryanair!

If you happen to be flying with Ryanair this weekend then there has been an important announcement that you should all be aware of!

The airline has announced that passengers will not be able to use its online check-in service for 10 hours this weekend due to essential maintenance. So the airlines website AND app will be down from 19:00 (GMT) on Friday, June 19th, to 05:00 (GMT) this Saturday, June 20th. 

The company have tried to inform all of their passengers via SMS, however, just in case they haven’t managed to contact everyone you might want to pass this message on. 


As well as online check-in being unavailable, customers will also not be able to make any new bookings or changes to existing flights during the web closure.

If you are flying with Ryanair this weekend then the airline are urging passengers to check-in BEFORE the closure in order to avoid any disruption.

Ryanair’s Robin Kelly said: “We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this upgrade, which will further, Europe’s largest travel website.”

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