Intu Metro Centre

I am going to be in the Intu Metro Centre magazine!

A few days ago my daughter, Katie and I had a photoshoot in Intu Metro Centre ready for me to appear in their magazine.

I am super excited about this because it is Europe’s largest shopping centre and it is also pretty local to me so I am often found in here checking out all their latest deals, offers and bargains.

My day started at Regis where I had a blow dry. The staff were lovely and a few of them were fans so it was great getting to speak to them while I got my hair done. 

You can find Regis in the upper platinum mall.


Katie loves the little train inside Intu Metro Centre, every time we visit we have to go on it. She was in her element getting her photo taking on it. 

You can find the train near The Disney Store on the lower platinum mall.


We then visited Ed’s Easy diner. Their milkshakes are amazing, if you have never tried one I highly recommend you do – especially the peanut butter milkshake!

The staff were so nice in their too. Katie dropped her hot dog on the floor so they simply made her another straight away and brought her a balloon 🙂

You can find Ed’s Easy Diner on the upper red mall.



Then it was off to the Lego shop. We were lucky enough to visit on their 1 year anniversary so we got to meet Tom the Lego man. There is many little Lego play tables inside the store where you can build models with your children. Katie and I built a princess tower with a crocodile in the garden lol.

You can find the Lego shop on the lower red mall.


We had a walk around and done a little shopping, Katie is a typical girl and loves a bit retail therapy.


Finally we went to Namco and had a game of bowling. This was Katie’s first time playing bowling and on her first turn she got a strike! Obviously she ended up winning too… by around 30 points!

You can find Namco in lower cube


You can see everything we got up to plus all the photos in the next issue of Intu Metro Centre’s magazine.

See their website here…



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