iPhones new secret feature to help you sleep!

iPhones new secret feature to help you sleep!

For those of you who have Apple products, you may have heard that the company have now revealed the new iPhone SE. And with a new model, comes a new software update!

The update should provide you with some cool new features, one of my personal favourites being the feature that helps you get to sleep easier.

iPhones are brimming with secret features these days. Last week I told you about the hidden basketball game on messenger. And they just keep getting better.

The change allows you to automate changing the color temperature of your device’s display, which can ease the strain on your eyes when looking at the screen at night.

Here’s how to turn it on once you’ve completed the update:

Step One

Turn night shift on by swiping up on your home screen and tapping the little icon with a moon on it. Alternatively, you can do it manually by going to settings, then selecting brightness and contrast and then night shift.

Step Two

Once night shift is on you are almost good to go. You can set up the clever app by going into your settings, then selecting privacy, followed by location services, then system services then setting your time zone setting to on.

Step Three

Finally, you need to go back to the night shift option and turn on scheduled. Next turn on the times that appear underneath and tap on Sunset to sunrise in the automated schedule box.

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