iPod Replacement Program

Have you heard of the iPod replacement program?

We have help thousands of you get a brand new iPod completely free!

I have been posting about this for over 2 year now and it is very popular. We have helped so many of you get a brand new iPod PLUS it is always the latest model that you are sent, so it is well worth giving this a try.

If you have an iPod nano (first generation) then you will be entitled to a free replacement because of a fault with the original models.

Identifying a iPod nano – It has a black or white plastic front and a silver metal back.

It is well worth checking to see if you have yours collecting dust somewhere as the replacement you are sent is the latest, top of the range model.

It will usually take 2 week to send away your old iPod and receive your brand new one.

See the link for more information and to find out how to do this. It is completely free!

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