Is Mum right to be branded ‘bad parent’ over beauty pageants

Is Mum right to be branded ‘bad parent’ over beauty pageants

Jas Sullivan regularly enters her two-year-old daughter into beauty pageants. In order to give her little girl the best possible chance of winning, she dresses the two-year-old in revealing outfits and attaches long hair extensions to her head.

No surprises the young mother was slammed by This Morning viewers when she appeared on the show to try and defend herself.

When asked about her decision to spend thousands on the two-year-olds revealing outfits and bikinis, along with lots of gold jewellery and weaves, she said: ‘Everything should go on your child, this is all for her. I don’t go out, I work hard and all my money goes on her. She likes doing it. If she didn’t like doing it we wouldn’t do it.’

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When asked if she thought the sexualisation of children is acceptable she said: ‘You are more likely to encounter a paedophile at beach than you are at a beauty pageant. The outfits they wear for the contests are no worse than the leotards worn by young dancers.’

This caused great offence to many of the viewers, needless to say the tweets were flooding in with backlash. Many of the tweets were accusing Jas of child abuse, especially as the huge extensions on her tiny head looked heavy and uncomfortable.

Although Jas reassured the presenters that the two-year-old loved doing it, does a two-year-old really know any different?

One viewer tweeted: “Was she disappointed with her Daughter how she was? False hair, make up? She should have bought a doll,cheaper.”

But I’d love to know what all of you mothers think of this. Is this a harmless hobby or a dangerous game? Is this Mother guilty of sexualising her daughter?


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