Is This Britain’s Thriftiest Pensioner?

Is This Britain’s Thriftiest Pensioner?

When money is tight we all try to come up with ideas to make our money go further, so when Ilona Richards ,from Scunthorpe, found herself on a budget of under £2,400 a year she had to find ways to make the most of her money.

The money saving tips she came up with has gained her the title of ‘Britain’s Thriftiest Pensioner’.

How do you boil your water? With a kettle? Well Ilona uses the microwave because it can save money. It’s great money saving tips like this that helped her achieve the Thriftiest Pensioner status.

Ilona has started a blog to share her saving tips with everyone. The blog has tips like go shopping after 7:30pm because you can get things that have been reduced. Another money saving tip that she uses is watering down fruit juice to make it go further.

Some more tips are:

  • Write down all purchases in a notebook to identify where you can save
  • Treat yourself – but only if it has a reduced yellow sticker on it
  • Eat your food in date in order to catch it before it goes off
  • Cut your own hair
  • Don’t use washing up liquid unless necessary
  • Save bath water for flushing the toilet
  • Use sun cream as a moisturiser all year round

Would you go to these lengths to save a little bit of money?

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