Is This Note, Left By A Delivery Company, ‘Inappropriate’?

Is This Note, Left By A Delivery Company, ‘Inappropriate’?

Recently, a delivery company have been criticised, for leave a note which has been called ‘inappropriate’ by many people.

Kim Thursfield, from Bromley, South London, found a note from the delivery company ‘Hermes’ when she arrived home after being out with her family. At first, she just saw where they said the left the parcel. upon further inspection, she noticed the unprofessional note they left for her.

They note read: ‘Left at 22. Maybe you should stop ordering online, as you are never there.’

Kim now feels upset about receiving the note and she says that she will try to not use the Hermes delivery service.

Kim had this to say: “I didn’t even realise at first, I saw the note and assumed it said my parcel was next door, but then my husband looked and saw what it said.”

“I started laughing but then I thought actually, it’s none of their business why I shop online.”

“I would like to avoid using Hermes at all now.”

After finding the note, Kim took to twitter to vent about the note she was left, which she described as  ‘inappropriate’.

The delivery service responded to her complaint on twitter by saying: “sorry to see our courier has left this comment on your calling card”.

They promoted her complaint to the area manager, however, she has heard nothing back as of yet.

Do you think that the note that was left was inappropriate or do you think that, if she is ‘never at there’, were they right to call her out about it?

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  1. None of their business whether she is there or not, half the time when you wait in for a parcel it doesn’t come anyways! My next door neighbour is always ordering online and every time I take it in for her, no skin of my nose to hold onto her parcel….what a joke! x

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