Is this the ultimate dream? You can get paid to taste food.

Is this the ultimate job? You can get paid to taste food.

Food testing for companies sounds like the dream opportunity, but what makes it even better is that you could actually get paid to do it! Yes research companies are always on the look out for people to test new products and recipes, and they will pay for your honest opinions and reviews!

What does food testing involve?

If you are a big foodie and enjoy trying out new foods then this could definitley be a good path for you to take. Companies will ask for a focus group to attend a product tasting session. In this session you will be given around four or five different products to try. You will be required to turn up on-site and become part of the consumer panel. Once you have tasted each product you will be asked for your opinions on the product. This could be as straightforward as ticking a few boxes 1 – 5, or it could be a detailed review depending on the company.

Don’t let the work put you off though! Some companies will give you the products to take home and you can taste them from the comfort of your own kitchen. In these cases your focus group will be part of an online forum and you won’t have to turn up on location, this is what makes the job so appealling to Mothers and other people with big commitments.

How much money can I make from food testing?

Food testing is a great sideline for people, and is ideal for Mum’s who would like to make a bit of extra cash but can’t be too flexible because of family commitments. As you might expect, food testing doesn’t pay a life changing amount. Research companies will pay between £5-£55 depending on what kind of review you are giving, but It’s definitley a fun way to make extra money. If it is a quick survey you are required to fill out then you probably won’t get as much as you would if you are part of a focus group turning up to a research centre, as these sessions can last for up to three hours and require a much more in depth opinion from you.

How do I become a Food tester?

Do you think food testing would be something you’d enjoy? If so then you can sign up to and put yourself forward. They carry out food testing focus groups in a number of different areas. If you can’t find anywhere near you that carries out focus groups you’d be able to attend, don’t worry! You may be best suited to the more general food surveys which you can complete at home. Register with FGUK research to be notified of these opportunities.

Food testers do have to meet a certain criterea, therefore you may not be chosen for every focus group. 


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