It’s Brexit Day, So How May You Be Affected?

Britain officially leaves the EU at 11pm this evening, and if you’re left thinking about how it’s going to affect you, well here’s a little insight…

Today launches the Brexit transition period which is set to last until 31st December 2020. From your summer holiday to phone charges, here’s what you can expect to see in the coming months.

Travel & Holidays

Since we’re technically in transition, the UK will still follow many the EU rules until 2021, so for the rest of this year at least, when it comes to travel you’ll still be able to globe trot easily in the EU without Visa’s.


Worry not holiday goers, your passport is still valid until the date of expiry, so no need to stress about renewing before your summer hols! You can expect to receive a blue passport on your next renewal though.

Mobiles & Roaming

Of course roaming charges will always depend on your specific network, but many big brands have vowed to keep their roaming charges FREE.

The Sun was told that EE, Vodaphone, Three Mobile, and O2 don’t plan on changing their roaming plans anytime soon.

It ‘s still always a good idea to check with your provider where they stand on roaming charges so you don’t get caught out.

European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC)

You’ll likely be used to carrying around an EHIC card when abroad incase you end up in need of medical assistance. Your card will still be valid until 31st December 2020 so you can still enjoy reduced medical costs if you need it.

Next year onwards though remains uncertain when it comes to the EHIC, depending on what deals we strike with the EU.

Driving Licences

If you like to drive when you’re travelling in EU countries, you’ll have to get yourself an International Driving Permit as of next year.

You can get them from your post office for £5.50, though there are different types, so be sure to check which one you need for the country you’re visiting.

Britons Living Abroad

British citizens living abroad will still be able to stay in their home countries, but they may have to check up on the administrative side of things depending on the protocol in said country.

EU Citizens

There are  around 3 million Europeans currently living in the UK who will still be able to live here after this evening. They will need to apply for settled status or pre-settled status by 31st December though.

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