ITV offers refund to ‘misled’ viewers!

ITV offers refund to ‘misled’ viewers!

ITV have announced that they will refund all viewers who used paid voting in the Britain’s Got Talent final to vote for the winning act Jules and Matisse or donate their money to charity.

As you may remember there was lots of controversy surrounding the BGT final after it was revealed that winning act Jules and Matisse used a second dog in the show’s final, but made it seem like the act was all performed by the same dog.

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom have said: ”ITV broke broadcasting rules by misleading viewers during the series finale. We accepted ITV had no intention to deceive the audience. However, the presentation of the act did not make clear to viewers that a central part was performed by a second dog. By failing to do so, we’ve concluded the presentation of the act was likely to have materially misled some people.”

After the show’s finale earlier in June, a total of 1,175 complaints were made after it emerged that Matisse had not performed a tightrope stunt because of a fear of heights.

Chase, another of Jules O’Dwyer’s dogs – introduced in a previous sketch – carried out that part instead.

CLICK HERE for details on how to get a refund or to request it be donated to charity.

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