Jack Wills Recall

Jack Wills Recall

A Jack Wills Gift set, sold at Boots, has had to be recalled due to a missing label.

Boots have found an issue with their ‘Jack Wills Sleep Tee Gift Set’. The issue was brought to boots’ attention from their quality monitoring programme. They found that some of the gift sets did not have a the ‘Keep Away From Fire’ warning attached to the clothing.

Now that its winter and cold outside, many people like to stay close to the fire places, if they have one. Without the correct warning, people may feel they can sit close to the fire without any harm. However, these clothes are flammable, and getting to hot will cause them to catch on fire.

Boot has asked that everyone who has purchased this gift set, to return it to the nearest Boots store, to receive either a full refund or an exchange from a different product, as soon as possible.

If you have already given this as a gift to someone, boots have asked it you would inform them about this problem so they can decide what they are going to do with the product.

Boots have apologised for any inconveniences this has caused.

If you have any further concerns you can contact the boots customers care team at 0800 915 0004 or talk to someone at your local boots store.

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