Jack’s Snacks Price Hacks– Tesco’s Discount Brand Available Now!

With Tesco’s 100th Birthday coming up, they’ve decided to roll back prices across the store and introduce Jack’s (Tesco’s budget sister company) Own Brand lines in store!

Tesco originally launched Jack’s stores to rival the budget friendly options provided by Lidl and Aldi, but until the 27th of May, Jack’s Own Brand items will be available on Tesco shelves.

The full range includes 9 bargain staples of the weekly food shop:-

-Jack’s Smooth Orange Juice 1L – 55p

-Jack’s Pure Apple Juice 1L – 55p

-Jack’s Onion Rings Snacks 150g – 59p

-Jack’s Bacon Rashers Snacks 150g – 59p

-Jack’s Cheese Balls Snacks 150g – 59p

-Jack’s Salt and Vinegar Stick Snacks 150g – 59p

-Jack’s Diet Lemonade 4x330ml – 95p

-Jack’s Malt Wheats 750g – £1.07

-Jack’s Natural Mineral Water Still 12x500ml – £1.50

Named after Jack Cohen, the man who founded Tescos 100 years ago, these brilliant lunchbox fillers really show that every little helps!


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