Job Centre Plus – Flexible Support Fund

Job Centre Plus – Flexible Support Fund

Have you ever heard of the flexible support fund? Well It’s available to those of you who claim job seekers allowance, although staff don’t advertise the fund in a bid to keep down the amount of claimants. I thought I’d draw your attention to it because it could be an extremely big help to those of you seriously struggling with your outgoings and I know how stressful that could be.

What exactly is the flexible support fund?

The flexible support fund is a fund in the UK that helps aid people in receipt of unemployment benefits to gain employment. Job Seekers can request it to help them out with things like travel to interviews, childcare, tools or clothing to start work for example, although there isn’t a set list of things you can ask for. There is also no set amount you are able to claim, the advisor will decide on the amount you are given depending on your needs.

How do I receive the FSF?

There is no automatic right for you to receive Flexible support money so your request could be declined. Each FSF case is considered individually. Advisors will first take into account other possible sources of funding and whether the individual would be able to buy the items themselves.

If you wish to request a flexible support payment then you should make an appointment with an advisor at your job centre and they will be able to go through everything with you. If you have already paid for the items you are hoping to buy, then the funds usually can’t be re-inbursed by the job centre. An award can be made by cash, Simple Payment or directly into your bank account. If the payment is made in advance, you’ll need to show the receipts for any goods or services that you pay for with the FSF award.

What is the application process for FSF? 

Once you have requested a flexible support payment, the advisor will check that you meet the cirteria and then possible ask for evidence to support your application. You will then need to fill out necessary forms which will get sent off to a countersigning advisor.

The countersigning advisor will decide whether or not your application will be approved.

This can be extremely helpful for those who are struggling , especially if it effecting your job seeking process.

CLICK HERE for ull details and information over on the Governmen’s website.

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