Joe Wicks Is Doing Free Kids PE Lessons During School Closures!

Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach, is holding live PE classes to help keep your kids active while they’re stuck at home!

The famous fitness guru announced on Twitter that he will be doing daily workout classes Monday through to Friday.

The workouts will be on Wicks’ Youtube channel, ‘TheBodyCoachTV‘, and will be titled ‘PE with Joe.’

Wicks said: “It’s a workout specifically designed for kids because when the schools are closed there’s no PE.”

“I’m going to get your kids moving, feeling energised, positive, optimistic.”

The lesson is perfect for little ones up to secondary school age and will last around half an hour.

You don’t have to worry about not having much room either, as The Body Coach says he will be doing lots of basic exercises.


Thanks to Joe Wicks, PE is one less thing to worry about when trying to home school our kids amid Coronavirus. Plus, it means our children will be guaranteed some routine too.

TUNE IN to his classes from 9am Monday morning!



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