Keeping the Kids Entertained On A Budget
two children sitting at a wedding table looking bored

When it comes to weddings, keeping the kids entertained is absolutely vital.

It can become an expensive venture if you splash out on entertainment on the day of the wedding, so here are some budget friendly ideas for your big day!

 Photography Scavenger Hunt

Provide your little ones with some cheap disposable cameras and a bingo card of things to photograph, like this printable card:

There is a bingo card with various wedding themed activities and the title photo treasure hunt

This sort of activity can often lead to the best photographs of the entire wedding.

Children have such a unique perspective on the world, and this will keep them entertained.

It helps tire them out through the day too, which can help when it comes to naptime.

Offer sweets or a reward for anyone who completes their card as an extra added incentive.


Colouring Table

Without re-inventing the wheel, giving kids access to coloured pencils and paper is a classic way to keep them entertained.

If you can, provide a low table and paper tablecloth so not staying between the lines becomes extra art.

three crayons with scribbles on a piece of paper

This method results in happy children and entertaining drawings, often of the Bride and Groom!

Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Do

Kid friendly music. The children will dance, sing and listen to anything Disney, the baby shark song.

The real treat of this is getting video footage of the BIG kids joining in and ‘dad’ dancing to baby shark.

A video of the best man and groomsmen singing ‘Let It Go’ at the top of their lungs is always a favourite.

Gaming Station

Digging out a retro console or picking up a Sega Megadrive here for cheap is a great way of keeping kids busy, as long as they can learn to take turns.

A Sega Megadrive games console box showing sonic the hedgehog

Again, it’s something that can benefit the older members of the wedding party, and watching people duke it out on Mortal Kombat I after a few drinks is always an intense affair.

Kid Friendly Favours

Considering the wedding favours is key.

It is difficult to get something for everyone on a budget, but making sure the kids get something is even tougher.

Bubble blowing kits, or soft toys are always strong options.

Whatever it is, make sure it is small enough to fit into a little party bag and entertaining enough to hold the kids’ focus for a little while- even if it helps them get through the speeches without getting too squirmy.

Whatever you decided to go for to entertain the young ones, I hope you have an absolutely fabulous special day and congratulations on your wedding! Be sure to check out our quiz on what wedding dress style you should try out here!




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