KFC forced to apologise AGAIN to shocked customer!


KFC forced to apologise AGAIN to another shocked customer!

KFC have upset yet more customers, and this time it has nothing to do with their poor quality food.

The fast food chain has had to apologise after a customer was handed a pot of gravy with ‘f*** off’ written on it.

25 -year-old Emma Sneesby was on a date with her boyfriend when they visited the KFC in Cumbria. She was handed a plastic tub of warm gravy but was shocked to see the message that was written on the tub.

Emma posted a picture on Facebook and captioned: ‘Just been through KFC drive through in Barrow-in-Furness and find THIS printed on the gravy! Absolutely appalling behaviour! If this is what they give to customers God knows what else they are doing! I will be writing one of my famous letters over this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ 


After being made aware of the offence the ticker caused Ms Sneesby, KFC issued an apology.

Bosses have also offered to compensate her. .

A spokesman said: ‘We are very sorry for the customer’s experience and have offered a gesture of good will as an apology.

‘We are currently investigating and have reminded staff that behaviour like this is unacceptable.’

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