KFC Have Released Their Own Sun Cream

KFC Have Released Their Own Sun Cream

Yes really. KFC, the fried chicken fast food restaurant chain, have actually made their own sun cream.

On the 23rd of August KFC released they own brand of sun cream. They have called the product ‘KFC Extra Crispy Sun Cream’. KFC put on their website that the cream will leave you skin with the scent of real fired chicken. Yes, you will smell like a family bucket when you use it. The sun cream is SPF 30.

In a KFC press release they said “The only skin that should be extra crispy this summer is on your fried chicken.”

Chief marketing officer for KFC U.S., Kevin Hochman , said in a press release: “While I’d love to tell you our customers have been asking for this, they haven’t. In fact, I’m pretty confident nobody ever asked for this. It’s just some crazy idea we dreamed up.”

Unfortunately, to be able to get some sun cream, you needed to live in the US and you would only be able to get for one day or while stock lasts. Even though, it was one per person, the 3,000 bottles sold out. It took roughly 2 hours to for all 3,000 to sell out.

The product is a sun cream and therefore not edible, it is NOT food and should not be consumed.

They also have to say that customers would need to give the fast food chain upto 8 weeks for the sun cream to be delivered.

If you had the chance, would you use KFC Extra Crispy Sun Cream?

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